The creative process

After talking to the client and have done our research about the brand our creative process starts. We discuss, sketch, feel, twist and turn upon solutions and ideas that could be suitable for the specific brand. Here you can take a brief look at sketches and mood boards that we have created.

Engaging different transformations 

Fagerhult was chosen due to the ability to present a good return of investment and the possibility to deliver a brand building solution within the acquired time. Creating an old and relaxing feeling demands a really warm and comfortable light. A glowing light that enhances the warm and cosy feeling of the wooden shelves. A feeling of honesty where the shopper will feel at home. Heritage and authenticity are important words in the brand of Frank and Son’s. They want their history to be known through every detail in the shop.

Capturing this in the lighting is something that is possible to do with an identity-carrying pendant. Our lighting designers discussed the value of having a really old fashioned pendant that could have been used at the turn of the century. The result finally ended in a pendant that will take your thoughts to the actual farm environment, with the protective metal grid. So at the same time as the design is vintage it will also take the consumers thoughts back to a farm and a connection where the groceries came from.

The inspiration for the interior design was taken from a farmers market. When it comes to lighting a vision of a mix of a warm and friendly light mixed with a cool light coming from the sky trough a ceiling window. The cool light from above would enhance the warmth in the lighting of the groceries. 

Mood board

For frank & son’s, the concept was grounded in the rural trends and local corner shops, where the lighting solution helped underline the story of their strong heritage. We wanted to evoke the customers with a sense of visiting a local market or food bazaar. Emphasising the warm coloured materials of wooden boxes, displays and natural brick walls helps build the atmosphere within the store while working with a complimentary contrast of warm and cool colour temperatures. A rustic, signature pendant was selected to conjure thoughts of a rural countryside. Value charged words for us were, cosiness, inviting atmosphere, tradition, authenticity and dynamics.