Friends of ours

The requirements of a supermarket are often different from those of a fashion retailer. Historically food retailers have been very focused on energy efficiency while now there is a growing trend towards using their store as a place to communicate their brand as well as contributing to a more commercial environment.

Irma is a Danish food retailer with a strong organic profile. They wanted to upgrade their interior and lighting to become more aligned with their brand values. The result was a really dynamic and accentuated lighting solution that also was energy efficient.

The British chain Whole Foods has really taken the rural experience all the way. Wooden boxes to display their groceries and custom made signs from their own printer’s results in an old-fashioned and rural experience.

Fagerhult was the supplier of the lighting solution that made a large number of ICA-shops more environmentally friendly by changing T8 fluorescent tubes to T5. With a new optimised lighting design, the accentuation of products became clearer, offering an ideal unison of efficiency and experience.