Customer specification

Of course there are certain requests and specifications we need to follow in order to suggest the best possible lighting solution. They can vary from different clients. Here are the specification from Frank & Son's.

Demans and requests

Fank & Son’s want a warm, old and genuine feeling in the shop but also to involve new technology to save as much energy as possible. Having social responsibility and being environmentally friendly is a part of the image of the brand Frank & Son’s. This also includes using light sources like LED that has a longer lifetime and that does not need to be replaced that often.

The customers shall feel comfortable and relaxed to have the time to think about what they want to buy rather what they need to buy. Frank & Son’s does not have the whole specification when it comes to lighting ready, but they know their brand and what they want it to communicate. The genuine and warm feeling and comfort for the customer is the main point of focus.

Frank & Son’s has recently found this location and it is so perfect for them, that they couldn’t turn it down. The chain is very particular with where they start-up their new shops and do their homework concerning the demographics of the area really well. When purchasing the lighting for this shop they only have a few weeks until opening and the planning has to be done quickly.