The brand and the target group

Before we suggest the best possible lighting solution for you it is important that we understand your brand and your target group. What are your brand's core values and what feeling should it expressed in the store? Whom are the shoppers? What do they like? How do they consume? All those facts are important for us to know.

About the brand

Imagine walking around an old-fashioned food market. The smell from freshly baked bread mixed with the aromas from exotic dishes. The vegetable area is filled with fresh organic produce of all varieties. This vision is exactly what Frank and Son’s are trying to accomplish with their shop concept.

What should you have for dinner tonight? There is always someone there to help you with ideas. Easy-to-make recipes, with ingredients presented together, help the customer to make decisions. The manager of the shop has close connections with the suppliers, all local, and the atmosphere feels very personal.

Frank and Son’s started out as a small family business and was very successful for a long time, especially by the older population in the area. But they saw how the demographics of their customer changed and what was a sleepy neighbourhood turned into a hip and trendy area where people with a good income did their daily grocery shopping. When Franks grandson took over the business, he started up more shops and suddenly Frank and Son’s were a blossoming chain.
The reputation of this chain of shops has spread widely and people are coming from far away to shop there, be inspired and enjoy the personal service.

The target group: Meet Adam and his family!

Adam lives with his family in a mid-size european city. To him work/life balance has become the most important thing. A few years ago, after working in IT for a large company and creating some good contacts, he decided to set up his own business. He loves the freedom to take his own decisions. Most of all he appreciates spending time with the family, his wife, daughter and son. He also is an active person, who likes biking and climbing, really enjoys the outdoors. Adam loves his part of town. It’s not unusual to see him out dining with the family at the local restaurant.

The family do their grocery shopping at a local supermarket. He doesn’t want to drive the car to one of the large hypermarkets outside the city. The family prefers to go to a farmers’ market at the weekend and pop by the local bakery almost daily. They like natural, organic food.

Adam is committed to brands that are ethical and service-minded. He likes the personal contact, being able to ask questions and getting to know the background of the product. When he buys his groceries he loves getting suggestions and inspiration for new recipes. Adam does not mind spending money on the right products, because he believes in quality.