Food: Frank & Son's

Frank & Son's on the other hand is the fictional food brand that we will follow. Join us in our creative process and discover what lighting solution we chose to deliver.

The solution

Frank & Son’s is a shop that communicates authenticity through every detail, with the commercial aspect coming second. Take a look at the result of this modern "corner shop". 

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Lighting the groceries

Lighting groceries in the right way is a very important task. It is not only about a commercial lighting design, but there are also many functional aspects.

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The brand and the target group

Before we suggest the best possible lighting solution for you it is important that we understand your brand and your target group. What are your brand's core values and what feeling should it expressed in the store? Whom are the shoppers? What do they like? How do they consume? All those facts are important for us to know.

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Customer specification

Of course there are certain requests and specifications we need to follow in order to suggest the best possible lighting solution. They can vary from different clients. Here are the specification from Frank & Son's.

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Our creative process

After talking to the client and have done our research about the brand our creative process starts. We discuss, sketch, feel, twist and turn upon solutions and ideas that could be suitable for the specific brand. Here you can take a brief look at sketches and mood boards that we have created.  

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Trend connection

We see a trend towards big brands localising their efforts; local has gone global. Rustic-looking interiors with natural materials such as wood are common, as is the use of local architects to conceptualise the brand.

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