Trend connection

Driven by the need for retail to become increasingly experiential, a number of stores are taking the pop-up theme further and setting up in abandoned, rough-and-ready spaces. This is something that was reflexted in "Twent Ounce Denim" as well.

Abandoned and raw

In contrast to extreme and artificial concepts that scream for attention, we are now witnessing an ever-more raw and honest expression in retail.

For example, retailers are searching for abandoned shops or industrial spaces to offer a glimpse of what was once there – or alternatively to evoke a similar atmosphere in a city store. This is what Twenty Ounce Denim is trying to do. The store concept has been inspired by this trend and the vision is to create an ambience that is rustic and authentic.

Another benchmark could be Hypermarché, which is a temporary concept store, but also a bar and a venue for cultural events in Hamburg. Staging live music, readings, DJ-sets, exhibitions, dining and much more, it aims to attract young locals. The interior makes extensive use of warm materials such as wood and cardboard in contrast to concrete and metal to create the concept. Three clear zones with different materials and lighting were also used to create the perfect atmosphere.