The creative process

After talking to the client and have done our research about the brand our creative process starts. We discuss, sketch, feel, twist and turn upon solutions and ideas that could be suitable for the specific brand. Here you can take a brief look at sketches and mood boards that we have created.

Engaging different transformations 

With the customers’ demands for a highly flexible and dynamic lighting solution, our lighting designers had an interesting challenge to develop a solution which would perform in different environments. The ability to control and shape the light for different events had to be central but this could not be at the expense of efficiency.

To maintain a high level of social responsibility the lighting designers focused on a solution with low energy consumption, using LED luminaires. This approach was not simply energy conscious; the long life characteristic of LED ensures the light source doesn’t need to be changed so frequently.

The third aspect which had to be addressed was the visual expression of the shop. As the branding of the shop is so important to the customer it is essential they got this right. The inspiration behind the visual experience is expressed in the mood boards across the following pages. Words like stage, theatre, youth culture, and social networks were all core to the thinking behind the concept.

Mood board

The inspiration behind the lighting solution for Twenty Ounce Denim was taken from abandoned and rustic areas of the city, unified as part of the overall interior concept. Materials such as concrete, wooden brackets, cardboard and bricks set the stage for florescent tubes and a creative ceiling solution made from black tracks. As the client wanted the space to provide a secondary role of a social space for events, the designers drew from the distinct atmosphere of the crowded yet intimate progressive local music clubs. A common theme for “setting the stage” was infused in the design, bringing together ideas of a truss of track and theatrical spotlights.

For the concept of Twenty Ounce Denim we identified the value adding conclusions of; rawness, industrial atmosphere and suburban culture.