Friends of ours

Fagerhult has had the opportunity to work with numerous successful brands around the world. Some of them have been widely known and highly influential. Others have been small and upcoming players with a brave vision. We equally enjoy working with both.

The Swedish skate shop Junkyard had a large web presence and wanted to fulfil the brand experience in their flagship store. They did not have many restrictions and demonstrated a very open-minded approach to the creative process of the lighting design.

Junkyard wanted to create a stimulating experience for the customers which would enhance the store brand. Fagerhult, given no restrictions, immediately saw the potential in creating an inspiring solution. Soon the idea of “creative chaos” was born.

Moss Bros in the United Kingdom wanted to make an upgrade of their existing shop concept to revitalise their brand. The inspiration of the concept was a gentlemen’s club. The result was very well received, creating media attention.

Dialect, a telecom shop in Sweden is also a client of ours. Fagerhult have delivered the lighting and the interior concept was made by "Electric Dreams", a Stockholm-based architecure/design studio.

These are just a few examples of successful cases we have accomplished, working in close collaboration with our customers and partners.