Customer specification

Of course there are certain requests and specifications we need to follow in order to suggest the best possible lighting solution. They can vary from different clients. Here are the specification from Twenty Ounce Denim.

Demans and requests

The word which best crystallises Twenty Ounce Denim is flexibility. The multifaceted space is a shop, a social place, bar, movie theatre and venue all in one. This demands a flexible lighting scheme. They wanted a system which addresses the commercial needs during the day which is equally as suitable for the varying events taking place during the evening. Crucially it has to be easy to use and control. To achieve this, the lighting must be able to morph between different emotions, such a softer movie-night appearance and a more energetic concert performance.

Modern and full of attitude but keeping the energy consumption down in a creative way; social responsibility is significant for staying true to the values of the brand. Since Twenty Ounce Denim use their shops as their most central communication tool, the budget for interior, communication is not that restricted but incredibly high profile. Twenty Ounce Denim is very sure of their target group and their brand values, but not that knowledgeable in lighting.