The brand and the target group

Before we suggest the best possible lighting solution for you it is important that we understand your brand and your target group. What are your brand's core values and what feeling should it expressed in the store? Whom are the shoppers? What do they like? How do they consume? All those facts are important for us to know.

About the brand

A shop founded by brother and sister John and Kate. John used to be a semi-famous guitarist and Kate has always been really into fashion. She worked in a bunch of different shops before they decided to start their own brand together. They based the concept on youth culture, especially music. The company quickly grew into a chain of stores, but the sibling duo has high standards and clear picture of what areas to establish their shop.

Twent Ounce Denim are on top of getting the right image for the individual shops, avoiding the feeling of a large commercial and overexploited chain. Most of the communication is based on social media. Almost nothing is spent on advertising or expensive TV commercials. Deeply into music, they find up-and-coming bands to play in their shops, and also have fashion shows and other events to create a buzz around the brand. Their clothes are manufactured in factories where they have made sure that workers have fair conditions and fair salaries.

The target group: Meet Lisa!

Living her life through her smartphone, the shop is a place where Lisa meets her friends in real life. Meets people with the same interests. Hangs out. She is living her life online. She’s into fashion, but not a specific brand. She often has an image in her mind of what she wants to wear. If she can’t find it online or in a shop, she will sew it herself. Or find someone else who will. Lisa buys a lot of vintage clothes, visits flea markets and is very sure of her identity. She also likes music. In the future she wants a creative profession.

Shopping is not only buying. It is experiencing. Finding new ways to express herself. Finding out what’s out there. Visiting her favourite shop to listen to a band. Having coffee, not buying anything. She will probably try out a few things and maybe order them on the company’s website later.

Lisa and her friends are typical ”glocalists”. Although she loves travelling she wants to keep her IRL-social life personal. Concerts should be small and intimate, preferably with an independent band that not many people know about. Shops should not be huge and all look the same. Individuality is the key word. She does not want to look like everyone else, and she does not want her shop to look like just any shop. The retail brands she likes should keep the line of communication open with their customers. They should listen and they should care. If they do, they have a friend in Lisa. If they don’t, she will find a new friend.