Fashion: Twenty Ounce Denim

Twenty Ounce Denim is one of the fictional fashion brands that we have chosen to portray. Take our journey of light together with them and discover what lighting solution we have suggested.

The solution

The concept behind the Twenty Ounce Denim is to create a space which is as much an arena for events and activities as it is a shop. Flexibility has to be at the centre of this approach, transforming a store full of people during the day into a music club where independent bands play gigs at weekends. With its boxes and pallets, this store has typical traits of an industrial looking pop-up shop. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides the flexible and functional solution this store demands.

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Aiming the light

Several importance factors have to be taken into con­sideration when lighting a fashion shop. It’s essential that the light displays the product in the best commercial way but it is equally important to create a comfort-a­ble lit experience for the customer. 

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The brand and the target group

Before we suggest the best possible lighting solution for you it is important that we understand your brand and your target group. What are your brand's core values and what feeling should it expressed in the store? Whom are the shoppers? What do they like? How do they consume? All those facts are important for us to know. 

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Customer specification

Of course there are certain requests and specifications we need to follow in order to suggest the best possible lighting solution. They can vary from different clients. Here are the specification from Twenty Ounce Denim. 

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Our creative process

After talking to the client and have done our research about the brand our creative process starts. We discuss, sketch, feel, twist and turn upon solutions and ideas that could be suitable for the specific brand. Here you can take a brief look at sketches and mood boards that we have created.  

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Trend connection

Driven by the need for retail to become increasingly experiential, a number of stores are taking the pop-up theme further and setting up in abandoned, rough-and-ready spaces. This is something that was reflexted in "Twent Ounce Denim" as well.  

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