Entrance area outdoor

The area leading into the hospital has the dual role of providing both a welcoming and guiding route into the building. The visitors should quickly and easily be able to identify where the entrance doors are and any ramps, stairs and direction signs should be clearly visible and well lit. 


The driveways are lit via Conledo, with Azur bollards used in the little park area. Rondo G2 Power is recessed in the canopy with Rondo G2 Power Twin lighting the façade on the entrance sides.



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Azur Bollard LED

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Rondo G2 Power wall

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Rondo G2 Power Twin

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Safe during all hours of the day

The road leading from the bus stops and car parks need to ensure a sense of security throughout the day. Combining multiple fixtures of different heights can help create individual areas within the wider space. The general light levels are provided via pole-tops while the bollards facilitate orientation along the walkways and pavements. 

An accentuated façade

Façade lighting not only accentuates the building, it softens the transition between in and outdoors. This can be supplemented by wall and ceiling luminaires to provide a comfortable level of vertical light while ensuring the signage is easy to view.

Read more on Fagerhults study of resident’s perception of the quality of light, accessibility and danger – comparing LED with conventional exterior light sources. Linda Kuhn, Maria Johansson, Thorbjörn Laike and Tommy Govén, 2011.