PoleLITE is a versatile LED floodlight which can easily be installed on both new and existing posts. Thanks to the unique hinged bracket, the luminaire can be rotated to the exact position for your specific project requirements.

Lighting is a prerequisite in order to increase the sense of security outdoor. While the light from a post top luminaire often covers the need of light on the road, illuminating objects in the vicinity requires a completely different type of luminaire.

Modern design

PoleLITE has a modern yet timeless and minimalistic design language. Its round form blends in well into any kind of environment. PoleLITE is also equipped with the latest LED technology ensuring a future-proof installation.

Unique bracket

PoleLITE has a unique bracket that can be mounted on almost any kind of post, creating both a sense of security and a beautiful environment, at the same time.

The post bracket is easily installed by drilling two holes into the post. One hole for the cable and one hole for an expansion screw holding the bracket in place. The unique bracket is double-hinged so that it can rotate around three axes. Multiple floodlights can also be mounted on the same post.