Visual comfort

Since 1945, we at Fagerhult have worked to develop luminaires that make a difference to people. The very first product developed by our founder Bertil Svensson was designed to improve life for his mother as she sat doing handicrafts late in the evening.We actually still work according to the same principles today: light for people.

Knowledge-based company

Fagerhult has a long history of lighting outdoor applications. Based on the latest research, we use the our knowledge to develop luminaires that are optimised in terms of both ergonomics and energy consumption.

For us, the combination of ergonomics and energy efficiency is essential. In an industry where investment and operating costs are primary concerns, we want to show how to create the right ambience that makes people feel good, helps improve safety and security, while considering the environment and the economy.

We do this by running our own research department that collaborates with scientists at leading universities.

By developing our own luminaires carefully evaluated in our own light laboratory, and we can ensure all relevant laws and standards are met. Our long-standing presence in the industry means that we are often offered to evaluate new technologies from suppliers and therefore we can offer the latest technology.

Creating visual comfort

 For us, visual comfort is just as important as energy efficiency. ”Visual comfort means that the luminaire is perceived to be pleasant in its context, while at the same time the context must be pleasant. Visual comfort is also about the light being in the right place in the outdoor area, so that it feels secure for the person experiencing the place”, says Henrik Clausen, Director at Fagerhult Lighting Academy.