Visual comfort, Nordic design and energy efficiency

During the summer months around the last turn of the century, a group of artists gathered in Skagen in Denmark. What attracted and inspired them was the beautiful light over the sea, the sand dunes, the barren moorlands and the people.

Cross-border cooperation

 Like the famous artists in Skagen, we drew inspiration from the beautiful Nordic light in the creation of Vialume 1. The product  was designed in Denmark, in conjunction with ÅF Lighting, a process which has resulted in a modern LED luminaire that reconnects to the Nordic heritage, with a light output that creates a smooth transition that produces minimal glare.

Inspired by nature

Organic design is design without straight angles and sharp corners. It has its origins in nature and draws inspiration from both nature and the local environment. Quite simply, a living form.

"Vialume 1 is characterised by strong, simple lines. When you move around the luminaire, you see that it's also classically round and gently organic in its idiom."
-  Christian Klinge, Head of Design, ÅF Lighting.

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