Lighting for humans

Since 1945, we have worked to develop luminaires that make a difference for people. The very first product developed by our founder Bertil Svensson was designed to improve life for his mother as she sat doing handicrafts late in the evening.

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Visual comfort

We often use the term "visual comfort" when we talk about our lighting. For us at Fagerhult, visual comfort means that the light must be pleasant to both experience and spend time in. That the experience of the light must be positive for everyone.

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Visual comfort, Nordic design and energy efficiency

Nordic light is an expression that describes a kind of lustre that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We have been inspired by this beautiful light and the clean, timeless design in the creation of Vialume 1.

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The idea behind Vialume 1

Learn more about the work and the idea behind Fagerhults first self-produced street luminaire.

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Knowledge, development and manufacturing in Sweden

We develop LED solutions based on the latest research that are tested thoroughly in our lighting laboratory (certified by a third party), where we make use of the latest expertise and equipment. This allows us to ensure that all laws and standards are met. Since 2014 we have also manufactured our own LED cards at our factory in Habo, which means that we can ensure quality and sustainable production, and guarantee spare parts for a long time to come.

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Highlighted products

Evolume 2 740 CLO

Evolume 2 730 CLO

Evolume 1 730 CLO

Evolume 1 740 CLO

Vialume 1 740 CLO

Vialume 1 830 CLO

Vialume 75 740 CLO

Vialume 75 830 CLO

Conledo G2 740 CLO

Conledo G2 830 CLO