Efficient street lighting with LED

Evolume 1 is the first product in a new energy- and cost-efficient family of street luminaires equipped with LED. Merging energy efficiency and visual comfort with a contemporary, cost effective design, Evolume 1 is an ideal solution for illuminating streets, pedestrian and cycle pathways and parking lots.

Advanced technique and modern design

Evolume 1 linsFor Evolume 1, we have used our new Advanced Glare Control lenses which have been developed according to EN 13201. The lenses are extra-large to minimize glare.

Evolume 1 has a modern design and blends in well into any kind of environment.

Safety and visual comfort

For the safety on our streets and roads, it is important to have sufficient lighting. Good street lighting gives us the ability to react more quickly when danger arises. As we get older, both our reaction-time and our sight gets worse. With an ageing population, it is even more important to have well-lit roads.

Fagerhult work with the concept of visual comfort as our guiding principle when we develop lighting.The lighting should always be a positive experience for anyone who experience the light. It is also important that the lighting doesn't glare. When the glare is reduced, the visual comfort increases.

An investment for the future

Investing in new lighting represents a major cost. A life-cycle cost calculation (LCC) gives you a good overview of the total cost. The LCC takes into account both the costs of fixtures, the installation and the operation.

Cost effectiveness was at the core of the design process, reducing energy consumption by up to 80 percent compared to traditional light sources when optimised with controls. With Evolume 1 you get high light quality, long life and safer roads all at a low investment cost.

Energy-savings with CLO and light control

The light flux of LEDs reduces over time as the diode ages. A new diode gives more light than a diode that has been in operation for a while. Evolume 1 uses CLO (Constant Light Output. This means the luminaire starts its service life at a lower operational current. The current gradually increases over its service life to compensate for the LED’s light depreciation. This compensation is automatic, requiring no maintenance resource.

Evolume 1 is available with a variety of control options. Learn how significant energy savings can be made using night-time dimming.