Lunova - visual comfort on a post

With its modern LED technology, timeless design and cost-efficiency, Lunova is the ideal choice when comes to omnidirectional luminaires on posts for park and urban environments. Product Manager Nils Stjernman explains more.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the background to Lunova? 

"Demands are getting stricter all the time to make cities feel safe and secure. Good lighting is no guarantee that you won't be a victim of crime, but if the lighting is good, people are happy to be out and about. It's the presence of other people that makes us feel safer outdoors. This, combined with demand for cost-efficient outdoor luminaires with LED that offer good visual comfort, led us to develop Lunova. Lunova is an LED luminaire that's been developed in collaboration with Torbjörn Eliasson and Andreas Sture at White Design. Fagerhult then took care of the light concept."

What do you mean when you say the luminaire is cost-efficient? 

"The actually manufacturing process is optimised. We've minimised the number of castings and the dome is also manufactured in injection-moulded acrylic. After all, LED and outdoor luminaires are also a perfect combination. High temperatures in the LED can be a problem, but by integrating the cooling body into the post bracket, we've been able to guarantee a low operating temperature, which means that the diodes are powered efficiently while the useful life is extended. I'd also like to mention that a number of different night-time dimming alternatives are available as an option, an excellent way of reducing energy consumption by up to 40 percent."

Can you mention five great things about Lunova? 

"Very good visual comfort.
Timeless design.
Future-compatible with space for control.
Long life.
Good reflector.
Good distance for park environments.
No light pollution."

That was in fact eight things…

"I know. It's difficult to hold back about all the positive aspects of this product. It's just so good that it deserves all the attention it gets. It's just right for customers who are looking for a modern, omnidirectional, post-mounted luminaire that delivers what it promises.

Where should Lunova be used? 

"Lunova is mounted on the top of a post with Ø 60 or 76 mm, and is suitable at post heights of 3.5-5.5 m alongside footpaths and cycle paths, and in parks, residential areas and school playgrounds. It can of course be used in many more contexts. The simple, clean, timeless design means that there are plenty of areas of application."