See the office in a new light

Welcome to the flexible, activity-based office. There is a place here for every assignment with a flexible lighting scheme which can adapt accordingly.

Work isn’t what it used to be. Constantly connected, we no longer need to spend all of our working day at the office. From home, a customers office or completely on-the-go we can work virtually anywhere. 

Despite this the office is more important than ever. It provides a physical hub where we can meet our colleagues, share thoughts and ideas and socialise.

Careful planning is required in order for these new flexible workplaces to be efficient and good lighting is important element for ensuring that employees thrive and perform.

That’s why we have developed cost-effective LED luminaires for the office. With a firm focus on visual comfort and environmentally and economic sustainability, we have created future-proof lighting that can evolve with the changing characteristics of our working life.

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Solutions for all areas of the office

With a wide range of luminaires it is easy to plan the lighting for every function in the office – from the boardroom to the garage, from exclusive to good basic solutions. We invite you to see the office in a new light!

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